Back to Fall Basics: Say yes to shorts

In the fall some may say it's taboo to wear items of clothing that are deemed "summer only" however, if styled correctly, who's to say you can't make summer last a little longer when showing off your fall wardrobe? In my third Back to Fall Basics outfit, I'm showcasing how to rock a summer favorite: shorts, in an everyday outfit but one that encapsulates fall fashion. 

It all comes down to color palette and styling in this outfit. I'm embracing my love for monochrome tones of black and white mixed with a pop of color with this fall's olive green shade thanks to my Zara long-sleeved tie shirt. I wanted to select colors that complimented each other but really wanted the focus to be on pattern play in this look.

The detailing of this shirt really stole my heart. I love a good criss/cross tie-up top, but one that is more on the dressed-up side is a win-win for day and evening looks. The fabric is a light chiffon so very breathable and great for layering -- I anticipate faux fur and sweaters this winter. 

In the mean time, on warmer days (even in September...Seattle, I'm diggin' your weather right now!) when wearing this top I'm rocking shorts! Shorts are a great item to wear through the fall, the focus should be on finding a pair that is more stylish than your favorite denim shorts (put those back in your closet until spring, summer or a warm vacation).

My breezy chiffon H&M striped shorts are my favorite to wear through the fall. The pattern makes them appear a bit more dressed up than your average shorts, but the pattern is still simple enough to pair with a variety of colors and tops. I wanted this entire look to be lighter-weight for warmer days, so chiffon on chiffon was a no brainer. By tucking in my top it draws the eye to focus on the shorts as the statement piece of this look, which despite the fact it is fall, was my goal. 

When it came to shoes, I went to my favorite pair of the season: my lace up black flats courtesy of Peridot Boutique located in Upper Queen Anne. While these lace-up flats are all the rage this season, you can never go wrong with a black pair of flats. These shoes are so comfortable but also more stylish than standard ballet flats all thanks to the wrap-around ankle laces. 

Accessorizing this outfit was easier than I anticipated due to my recent rag & bone black floppy hat purchase. This hat has already been making its rotation and it's not even fall yet! I love the fit of the hat and the breathable fabric -- perfect for the last of the summer days and the rest of fall!

Chokers are very on trend this fall and I always love an excuse to wear any of mine. My go-to this season is my black velvet half moon choker from Forever21. The style is minimal (just how I like it!) but compliments the silver detailing on the loops of my shirt nicely. Subtle details like these are what I adore in styling an outfit.

PS) Can we talk about the amazing backdrop for these photos that Kami found during our shoot!? Pioneer Square is a place very unexplored to me still here in Seattle, but wow, does it have some gems! 

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