Florals + Graphics

Floral and graphic pattern play, I swear it's become my new uniform when the sun is out and I'm feeling a little sassy. Bold prints are so much fun to wear in the summer and they help bring me out of my monochromatic comfort zone.

When I spotted these Zara loose fit trousers I couldn't resist integrating them into my wardrobe for the summer. Being 5'2, I am usually concerned when pants are on the boxier and longer side because I feel like I'm drowning, but these flared pants fit in all of the right places and actually make me look a bit taller than I actually am. Not to mention, they are so comfortable. There's no better feeling in the world than wearing pants that look and feel like a stylish pair of pajamas. Aside from the floral graphic print on the pants, I love the detailing of the belted waist. Since these pants are high-waisted, I prefer to pair them with a top that can be easily tucked in to show off the waist. 

When wearing a bold print on your pants,, don't be afraid to go bold with your top. This doesn't mean you need to integrate another print, it can be a simple statement like a graphic t-shirt. In this case, I'm wearing my new favorite Coffee 'til Cocktails t-shirt from Peridot Boutique located in Queen Anne. Any top that says something sassy is gold in my book.

Because my pants are long, I'm wearing my Halogen studded heels to dress up my outfit a bit and add some height. For accessorizing my look, I went with a simple statement necklace with silver and gold detailing from Forever21. I love pairing a statement necklace with a t-shirt as it instantly makes an outfit more feminine. I'm also wearing my Kate Spade white and gold cuff as it goes great with this entire outfit's color scheme and vibe. 

I've been such a fan of the half top knot hairstyle this spring and summer because it requires such little time to do all while looking girly and laid back -- that's my kinda hairstyle. Throw some red lipstick on and you have a look that's ready for day, night and anything in between! 

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