One year in Seattle, a year in review

As of today I have lived in Seattle for one year and I can hands down say this last year has been of the best years of my life. 

A year in Seattle living alone has taught me a lot of things; first and foremost, the importance of loving yourself and knowing your wants/needs and expectations and yes, being able to wander a farmer’s market, grocery shop, go on an adventure or go to a bar or restaurant alone and feeling comfortable while doing it. What I can tell you from my year of living alone is to put yourself out there when you find yourself in a new, uncomfortable and life-changing situation! Also, I highly recommend seeing as much as you possibly can. Be a tourist in your own city, this is important.  You’ll make the most amazing friends, meet the most inspiring people and visit the coolest places if you do so.

A year in review, it just simply can’t be done. But here are certainly some of my favorite highlights from May 2015 to May 2016 involving traveling outside of Seattle, exploring within Seattle, my evolving style, home aesthetic and creative ventures with blogging and freelance designing and all of the amazing people and memories in between.






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