A weekend in Colorado

I feel like lately I’ve just been on the go, go, go. In fact, I just got back from a whirlwind of a weekend trip to Colorado to visit my parents! I especially loved this trip, despite it being short, we got to take a road trip and visit some beautiful spots I’d never been! 

We ventured out to Red Rock Amphitheater located in Morrison, CO. This enormous rock formation is stunning! Built within the giant rocks is an open concert venue with probably the best acoustics you’ll ever hear. I’m hoping in the coming months or years to catch a concert here! Although it was blocked off to visit the amphitheater itself, we were able to drive along the winding roads to admire the beautiful scenery. 

Once we left Morrison, we started our road trip out to Boulder, CO. Probably my favorite spot in Colorado thus far that I’ve explored! I love the small town college vibe but how much there is to see and do – tons of fun shops (in the Pearl Street shopping mall), bars and restaurants and galleries.

Although it was a bit overcast when we visited, I have seen photographic evidence that the mountains are amazing from this town! I’m hoping to go back here on a sunnier day to see it for myself. 

My parents and I stopped for lunch at a delicious place called Arcana. I loved the interior of the restaurant and menu design! The food and wine was also delicious. We split zucchini bread, fried chicken and toast and I devoured my beef burger entrée. For dessert, we split the homemade baked cookie. Simply, amazing.

I think the shops were my favorite part. I loved all of the beautifully decorated storefronts and adventuring through small-scale boutiques. You can spend hours in this outdoor mall.

Despite this trip flying by, it was a blast to see a different part of town in this place my parents now call their home. It’s bittersweet to feel at home when I visit because they are there and we in a sense are adventuring new parts of their home together. 

Flying home was also a special treat as I got to see the mountains the entire plane ride home and because I got the bird’s eye view flying over Seattle, the city I truly get to call home and love so much. Always pick the window seat, folks!

Allison WagnerComment