West Coast Aesthetic Brand Update

No, your eyes aren't just seeing things, I have been making some exciting yet subtle design changes to West Coast Aesthetic the last few days and it has turned into my own rebrand of sorts. While my mantra of create, consume and explore is still the basis of this blog I have been struggling lately to make this blog more "me." My goal for West Coast Aesthetic is to embrace and visually encapsulate my blog's voice and mantra through a more editorial and minimal layout -- still embracing my love for monochromatic shades all while letting the pops of color and inspiration appear more frequently. 

When I started this blog almost two years ago its purpose was to be my creative outlet for mainly, design related-inspiration I was curating. However, over the course of (almost) two years this blog has evolved itself into what I would consider lifestyle - highlighting the adventures I go on, the styles/trends I adore and still sharing inspiration that makes my designer heart flutter. 

Over the course of the last six months I have been curating inspiration that I think best resembles me if I were to brand myself --which is a daunting task in itself and rather ironic coming from a designer. From pulling color swatches, type pairings, teaching myself how to watercolor and hand letter (not great by any means), ripping out editorial spreads from catalogs and spending way too much time on Pinterest, I found myself with the end-product truly embracing "me."

From this point forward my focus for West Coast Aesthetic is to maintain this new upbeat, editorial-inspired style that follows suit with my personal style and the person behind this blog as a whole. I hope you will enjoy this refreshing, new journey as much as I will!  

More to come in the coming days, weeks, months: updated email newsletters, a Facebook page dedicated to West Coast Aesthetic, weekly mood boards and a variety of new features, collaborations and postings!