Exploring Colorado

My parents recently relocated to Colorado and with that comes new adventures when I visit! I had never been to Colorado before, so it was fun to explore specifically, Denver, the mile-high city, that I'd heard so much about the last few years. Here are some of my trip highlights. 

Parker, an adorable town that gives off a small-town vibe but has a lot going on: fun restaurants, a lively music scene in the summer months and plenty to do, I couldn't be happier for my parents to call this place their new home. I should also mention that being greeted by my mom's homemade Moscow Mules and a gorgeous sunset helped me fall in love with Colorado pretty quickly. 


Union Station - this place has been on my list since my parents decided to move to Colorado. From the beautiful marble interior to the stunning exterior architecture, I was intrigued and couldn't wait to visit! And wow, is it breathtaking. There is so much to do inside like visit the flower shops, a milkshake shop, coffee, food/drinks, tables to read, work and relax, adorable shops and more! One of my favorite downtown Denver highlights.  

Larimer Square - by far my favorite spot I've seen so far in Denver! The stringed lights, the architecture, the shops, the restaurants and cafes, I love the old town vibe! Old mixed with new is what makes Larimer Square so endearing and the food options are out of this world. Truly a must-see when visiting the city. 

Downtown - while we stuck mainly toward Larimer Square for my first visit, I couldn't pass up seeing the giant blue bear peeking into the Convention Center downtown, I love this art piece! And boy, is it massive in size when you're up close! 

I also should mention that the flight to/from Seattle --> Colorado is BEAUTIFUL. Mountains, water, rolling hills, the changing scenery...ah! Always choose the window seat when you can on this flight. 

Allison WagnerComment