Achieving hair goals with EVA NYC

If you love EVA NYC hair products as much as I do or are on the hunt for products that can help you achieve all your hair goals, you are in luck. Not only is this brand incredibly stylish (I mean, just look at the beautiful packaging!) but it is also convenient for a variety of lifestyles --products come in a 3.4 oz travel size and standard sizes.

As a girl with very fine hair, I am always seeking out products that protect my hair and prevent breakage, especially since I'm trying to grow my hair out. Each EVA NYC product aims to improve overall hair health by nourishing, protecting and repairing both normal and damaged hair through the use of Argan Oil and vitamins. 

Also, very exciting news! EVA NYC recently launched the following hair products in select Old Navy stores so you can stock up on your favorite hair products as you shop!  

*Travel sizes are featured in this blog post*

Freshen Up Dry Shampoomy personal favorite of the EVA NYC products. It's my go-to dry shampoo because it goes on lightly and doesn't appear white when applied. It immediately removes the greasy look by absorbing excess oil and provides your hair with volume and keeps you looking fresh for those days you just don't feel like washing your hair. It's also a great product to throw in your bag for a vacation or camping trip. 

Clean It Up Shampoothe ideal everyday shampoo that helps to nourish and repair damaged hair. It also consists of the Keravis Protein Complex which is a proven hair strengthener. 

Rock-A-Wave Curl Creamwhen you want the definition and volume from curls but don't want the frizz and fly-aways that come with it, this cream is for you! It also consists of the Keravis Protein Complex which is proven to strengthen your hair. 

Surf's Up Texture Spraymy favorite texture spray when I'm rocking curls or waves! My hair usually falls flat once it's dry or styled so I love putting this on my dry hair as it provides me with that instant kick of volume my hair is lacking. It also dries with a sleek, matte finish but doesn't feel crunchy or like you put too much product in your hair. 

Soften Up Conditionerthe perfect product to pair with your Clean It Up Shampoo. This conditioner aims to detangle, repair and feed your hair with the moisture it is lacking and it too consists of the strengthening Keravis Protein Complex. 

Therapy Session Hair MaskI'm such a fan of hair masks, especially those that provide me with the instant results I'm looking for. This therapy mask is specifically designated for those looking to repair and strengthen dry and damaged hair by deeply conditioning the hair and protecting hair from roots to ends. 

A big thank you to EVA NYC for collaborating on this post and here's to all around healthier, happier and more stylish hair!