Holiday Wardrobe Must-Haves

It took one glance at my calendar to realize how close the holidays are approaching and how within two weeks it will already be December. While I'm mildly freaking out about how I need to avoid procrastinating holiday shopping this year (stay tuned for my personalized gift guide that will be blogged this week) and stay focused on all of the fun I have in store during the holiday season, I decided it was time to share some of my favorite holiday outfit inspiration and my go-to evening look for the holidays. After all, this is the perfect time of year to layer up, dress up and go out! 

This winter, I'm loving pops of color and lots of texture -- whether it be leather and lace, faux fur, velvet or knits. The more layering, the better! One of my favorite layering trends of the moment is layering tights or socks with open-toed heels. It's a bit of a funky look, but it can be a great way to compliment your tights and shoes.

I also can't get enough of faux fur during the holidays. Whether it be a vest,  scarf, coat or even detailing on your shoes, it's the perfect way to stay cozy all while looking chic!

Another unique trend that is all the rage this holiday season is embellishment! You'll often find sweaters, hats or dresses with this sort of detailing -- it's winter's new take on the summer pin trend.

Here are some of my favorite holiday wardrobe items that are stylish all while on a budget:

As I mentioned before, I am a sucker for layering in the winter. I love mixing texture and print together to achieve a cohesive look.

In my go-to evening look for the holidays, I'm wearing my Bardot Lace Maxi Romper in the color wine from Verity. I love this romper because it appears to be a dress until you look more closely at the detailing.

While most would assume this romper is more suitable for summer or spring due to its low neckline and sheer lace fabric, I am a firm believer in maintaining a wardrobe I can wear throughout the seasons. It's a great evening wear statement piece. 

For styling this romper, I decided to wear my faux fur infinity scarf from Zara over the top of it for warmth and additional layering. Lace and fur are just the perfect combination for evening wear. 

For additional warmth, I'm wearing my Nordstrom leather jacket with ruffled detailing on the front to add some edge to my overall outfit. I enjoy the contrast in hardness from the leather with the soft lace from my romper to create a cohesive, overall look.

For accessorizing, I'm wearing my lace velvet choker that helps compliment the lace romper. For subtle detailing, I'm rocking my favorite Krikos gold stud earrings courtesy of Fresh Tangerine here in Seattle. I just simply can't get enough of dainty, jewelry pieces! 

Don't underestimate the power of makeup when dressing up -- by throwing on a bold magenta lip color courtesy of Julep I also have helped transform my look from day to evening all while providing a pop of color. 

To keep things on the dressier side, I'm wearing my go-to studded Halogen heels. Because I'm short and this romper is on the longer side, heels are a must with this piece. Not to mention, they are the perfect final touch in making my outfit evening-ready. 

There's no need to spend a fortune on a single item for your holiday events. Embrace layering and experiment by incorporating some of your favorite items and trends into one outfit -- you'll most likely wind up with one showstopper piece! 

 *Click the images to enlarge. If you repost these photos please provide proper credit to West Coast Aesthetic and Jenna Bechtholt Photography, thank you! xo