LA City Guide: The Getty

The amount of photos I took when visiting The Getty for my first time made it nearly impossible to sort through and edit. But I somehow managed to select my favorites from this scenic place. If you are visiting LA this place absolutely has to be on your list (especially if you're a lover of architecture and design!) 

It was 90 degrees the day we ventured out to The Getty but with all of the meandering through the various exhibits we kept cool. You could honestly spend a full day just wandering the grounds and walking through the different rotating galleries on display. *Pro tip: I highly recommend doing a loop through the buildings to soak in the architecture and sculptural art, and determine in advance which exhibits you want to see since it's generally pretty crowded. Before leaving, be sure to stop off at the gardens by taking a walk through the trail that leads you to a scenic labyrinth in a water pool. You won't regret it.

Not to mention, there are countless views of the city in the distance. We managed to go on a clearer LA day so the smog didn't interfere as much for soaking in a view. 

I think what I loved most about this place is how sleek the architecture was. It's truly a minimalist's dream. The play on materials, shape and clean lines is absolutely phenomenal. This place should go to the very top of your LA to do list.