Bar cart spruce up

Those that know me know I'm constantly sprucing up my home bar cart. I'm constantly adding and subtracting new candles, glassware, liquor bottles, books, plants and festive decor. Since my apartment color scheme is fairly neutral: shades of gray and white, I really like to add color where I can to my bar cart to bring a little pop of color to my "bar corner." 

When I was recently introduced to Flax & Spoolthe local family owned and operated embroidery company, I was thrilled to find so many keepsakes that would further contribute to my home and unique sense of self -- as their mantra states. I had been swooning over a few of the napkin sets and cocktail squares. However, my favorites were the various tea towel designs featured on their Instagram account and online shop. When I was introduced and collaborating with store owner, Anna, I already had a general sense of the style of designs I was leaning toward to integrate into my home and more specifically, my stylized bar cart. 

Despite it being months since I was last in sunny Palm Springs for a creative project, I still day dream about it constantly. As a result, my towel design selections via Flax & Spool really had quite the California-inspired theme going on: cacti, flamingos and gold accented cherries.

These towels make for the perfect accent pieces to my home and will be making their rotations on my bar cart throughout the year. For now, they are primarily display pieces on the cart. After all, they're almost too pretty to use, am I right?  

Want to shop my favorite featured towel designs? Visit the links below: 

Cactus Blooms Tea Towel | Cherry Pop Tea Towel | Let's Flamingle Tea Towel