Flares are making a comeback

Fashion gurus always tell you to hold onto the classic items that will make a comeback and/or rotation throughout the years, and I am realizing now how much I need to embrace this advice. We are in full-fledged 70's mode this fall and what else could scream the 70's more than denim flares?! Years ago I tossed my flares thinking I would never see the day I'd be wearing them again, after all, I have been practically living in my skinny jeans (bootleg at the most) for the last 8 years so I didn't see the purpose in holding onto the countless pairs of flares I owned....sigh. 

I'm loving the flare trend this season and the various ways you can kick this jean style up a notch with wedges, boots, fall layers and long trenches. It's a key item to have in your closet this season and I'm adamant on picking up a few pairs and this time, for-keeps!

Here are some of my favorite ways you can rock the flare look:

Photo: via Pinterest

Photo: via Pinterest

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