On my recent trip to California I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful town of Carmel and all of the cute shops along the main strip. One of my favorites was LUSH CosmeticsI had recently heard quite a bit about LUSH but never had taken the time to check out their products until I visited their store and was I impressed! The line sells a range of cosmetics, bath/shower products, hair products and body/face products.

What I loved (obviously from a designer's perspective) about their products and store is how everything is displayed. The overall theme is making you feel like you are in a local market grocery store the way the products are packaged and displayed: soap is custom cut into blocks/chunks and packaged like you would order cheese from a store. The bars of soap and hair bars resemble delectable macaroons and facial masks resemble a gelato display in a window. The list goes on, but needless to say I was impressed. My personal favorite, the bath bombs that were displayed like fruit stacked on top of one another in crates. A very creative way to brand, sell and market their products to say the least. 

Not to mention, their products are custom and individually made with care. The products use fresh ingredients and aren't super heavy and are made for people with various skin, hair and body types. Personally, I'm often weary of trying new beauty/body products because I have such sensitive skin, but I was impressed to find out how fresh and green the LUSH products are.

I scored my favorite avocado bath bomb as well as two individual facial/spa masks in coffee bean and peppermint. I look forward to stocking up on more of their products in the future. 

Allison WagnerComment