Never have I felt better about spending $19 a month. Why? With Rocksbox I get to indulge in designer jewelry every month by paying for a $19/mo subscription -- hard to feel guilty with that deal. By subscribing you are then able to add a variety of jewelry to your Wishlist: bracelets, rings, necklaces, jewelry stacks and earrings. A Rocksbox stylist is then responsible for selecting items to send your way that are cohesive and follow suit to your wishlist.

Once you receive your Rocksbox you are able to sport your designer jewelry for as long as you desire until you are ready for your next box. To receive your next box, you simply send back your Rocksbox jewelry in the free shipping packaging you received it in and then you are ready to receive your next box of gems. It's truly a great way to learn about designer jewelry, the designers behind the jewels and a unique way to show off show-stopping accessories that you normally couldn't afford. You also have the option to purchase the jewelry you receive if you fall in love with certain items. You can also shop accessories off of the Rocksbox website if you desire. If you are on the fence about signing up for Rocksbox I highly recommend trying it out. It's a great treat to look forward to in the mail. 

In my first Rocksbox I received the Perry Street Mercer Crystal Earrings that are great for standing out in an outfit or for when you desire to wear your hair up. I also received the Loren Hope Small Sara Cuff in crystal that not only goes with the earrings quite well but also makes a great statement arm piece. I love wearing this cuff with a 3/4 length sleeve top or with a monochromatic outfit that shows off the cuff. My last piece was a dainty Gorjana Shimmer Triangle Necklace that my stylist informed me my selections were based around. I love layering this necklace with other dainty gold necklaces I own or letting it stand out on it's own when paired with a tank, chunky sweater or scoop neck. 

Allison WagnerComment