Golden Hour: Look Two

September is creeping up on us and I am trying to resist the urge to spend my pay checks on nothing but fall clothes and accessories! Luckily, with Seattle's weather being so nice lately it has made it easier to refrain from loading up on scarves, boots and knits. However, that's not to say you can't integrate some key elements of fall into your summer outfits. In my second look from my Golden Hour collaboration with Jenna Bechtholt I am showing off a look with more layers and a subtle hint of fall by integrating a lightweight scarf. 

Wearing my new favorite joggers again in this look from Target and nude BP wedges from Nordstrom, I wanted to play up the denim and neutral shades. Summer is the perfect time to rock basics whether it be t-shirts or tank tops, they are generally lightweight and are great for layering. In this look, I'm wearing my army green tank top from H&M that's a longer and looser style, my personal preference when it comes to basics. For a little sparkle, I am wearing my Loren Hope cuff, a statement jewelry piece is my favorite way to kick up my look without going over the top. To compliment my denim I layered my denim pull-over from GAP over this tank. Denim can be very flattering when layered on top of itself; the key is picking different yet complimentary shades (I like to layer dark wash with richer blues) and styles -- in this look my jogger pants are more loose fit and my pull over is more flowy, making my overall outfit more casual.

To add a hint of fall to my head to toe look, I simply draped a lightweight scarf with neutral and autumn hues (browns, dark blues, greens and yellows) to let it flow with the rest of my outfit. When wearing scarves in the fall the key to success is making them appear casual. No need to get crazy with loops and knots just yet. In the summer, the integration of the scarf should be breezy and complimentary to your overall look. Add a little dark lip, and there you have it! The perfect blend of summer/fall in one look. Have fun with it! 

*Click the images to enlarge. If you repost these photos please provide proper credit to West Coast Aesthetic and Jenna Bechtholt., thank you! xo

Allison WagnerComment