How to rock the all black look this summer

If you're a monochromatic clothing hoarder like me you'll be able to relate when I say how difficult it can be to find ways to rock your neutral palette during the summer when everyone is sporting bright prints, florals and layers of color. Wearing a neutral palette in the summer can be a challenge especially when the outfit consists of mostly black...with this heat wave in Seattle lately most Washingtonians would cringe. However, black is a perfect color to rock this summer and my girl Krista Fredricks (Follow her on Instagram: @KMFREDRICKS) is showing off just how to do it in her monochromatic summer look with a kick.

In this look, Krista is wearing a Forever 21 romper/jumpsuit. The material is loose and breezy which is a must when wearing a head to toe black look. I also love the fact that it's a sleeveless/tubetop style which makes it more appropriate for summer days whether you are dressing it up for the evening with a pair of heels or making it more casual for an afternoon look.

What I love about a monochromatic outfit is the way you can play up accessories. In this look, Krista really focused on bold elements to tie in her look as well as subtle daintier pieces.

One of my favorite subtle yet practical accessories she's wearing in this look is a fitted black belt. I feel as though nothing can change up the fit of an outfit more than a fitted belt to slim and accentuate the waistline. An often overlooked accessory but one that can really be played up when wearing summer dresses, rompers and skirts.

Since I've known Krista I have always admired her for the way she accessorizes with jewelry. From layered bracelet stacks to layered dainty necklaces and a combination of beautiful rings, this girl knows how to show off her favorite statement pieces in the classiest of ways.

In this look Krista is wearing all Marc by Marc Jacobs necklaces and a Marc by Marc Jacobs watch. I also love how she's sporting her Fit Bit that's black to match her all-black look with a hint of gold to compliment her other jewelry. 

And of course, the most obvious accessory in the summer should always be a pair of fashionable sunglasses. In this outfit, Krista is wearing her Fendi sunglasses that are the perfect balance of feminine and bold and really help make the outfit pop. 

To add a little bit of sassy flare to this look, Krista also accessorized with a black floppy hat to tie in her all-black look. This hat works wonders in two ways: blocking the sun on hot summer days as well as making a statement in this monochromatic outfit. One can never go wrong with a floppy hat in the summer, it is truly one of the most flexible accessories every woman should own. Krista's hat in this look is Tildon. 

Now the key to an all-black look is knowing when to show off the right amount of color and to usually stick to 1-2 tones of accent colors as to not take away from the monochromatic style. In Krista's case, she rocked some red. Red is another color people often overlook in the summer because you see so much of it in the fall. But when accented correctly, it's a great color for the summer season!

Krista's Rebecca Minkoff crossbody is a great pop of color in her look as red and black always look fabulous together. To compliment her red bag, she is sporting a bold lip (never underestimate the power and best!) wearing Chanel's 'Arthur' red lipstick. A perfect way to balance out the color in this look head to toe! 

Allison WagnerComment