Breaking bread with local creatives

This last week I had the wonderful opportunity to get together with a group of ambitious, inspiring and creative young women: Seattle-based photographer Jenna Bechtholtlocal fashion blogger Breanna Sankey (of xoxoblynn) and local fashion/style blogger Rose Filimonov (thehautelooks) to discuss our upcoming creative collaboration that is in the works for this summer. Collaborating with creatives is a great way to network, express your interests and embrace the aesthetic and skill set of those that share your interests. 

We met at The Little London Planea smaller cafe style location that is doors down from The London Plane. This place that has become my favorite go-to in Pioneer Square to freelance, blog and work and it makes for a great meeting place. It is known for its delicious happy hour (particularly the wine selection) as well as the various food options on the menu.

For the purposes of our meeting to discuss logistics about a photoshoot and the creative inspiration behind our collaboration, this meeting strictly consisted of plenty of giggles, stories and brainstorming over wine and bread. Talk about the perfect way to "break bread" with some fabulous ladies! Not to mention, the weather has been fabulous in Seattle, so we were able to soak in the last of the sunny day outside as we conversed over carbs and white wine galore. 

Arranging a time to meet when everyone is on their own schedule and with summer fast-approaching can be difficult but taking the time to network really pays off. You not only get to meet and work with amazing people but you create friendships, which can sometimes be hard to do in a larger city like Seattle. I so look forward to sharing our collaboration that will be in the works this summer with you all in the coming months! Stay tuned. xo

Rose, Jenna, Breanna, Allison

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