Exploring the market

I'm starting to think I've developed a weekly tradition of stocking up on weekly bouquets from the local markets. Whether I'm exploring the Ballard market just down the street or am downtown on a lunch break at Pike's Place, I can't seem to resist bundles of fresh bouquets and a wonderful way to get outdoors in the summer to explore.

The Ballard Farmer's market is every Sunday from 10am-5pm and has a great variety of florals/succulents, produce, crafts and more. It's also so close to my home that I love strolling there to see what new stands are on display. I usually come away with at least two bouquets (typically, $10 or less per bouquet...can't beat that!) that are either pre-made or I make my own bundle. It's a wonderful touch for the home and I always love putting my vases on display.

Pike's place never fails either and makes for a nice lunch break pitstop. My good friend and coworker Krista (follow her on Instagram: @KMFREDRICKS) and I have made it a monthly tradition when we have a chance to take a stroll down there, load up on bouquets and visit our favorite pastel wall that makes for the perfect backdrop to show off florals and clothes.

Allison WagnerComment