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As I am making the move to Seattle, one of my main concerns was finding a new salon with hairdressers I trusted to color and cut my hair. With my luck, Jason Townsend of Essensuals London | Seattle Hairdressing contacted me about coming in to check out the Capitol Hill based salon to get my hair done.

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With summer approaching, I knew I wanted to go light blonde again. My hair was fading from a blonde balayage and was starting to look very choppy; brunette on the top portion of my layers and fading down to a bright other words, it was time for something new! In terms of cut, I went into my appointment knowing I just wanted a trim to remove the broken ends. My hair is already on the thin side so the thicker and blunter the chop, the fuller it tends to look. I am such a fan of the trending lob right now, so I was hoping my hair would resemble somewhat of the look and feel of a lob when complete. I supplied Jason with an inspiration image collage for color and style and he reassured me it was doable.

The salon is fairly new to the Capitol Hill area and is tucked away in a lovely building with giant windows for fantastic lighting and a very minimalistic and sleek aesthetic (which instantly stole my heart). The chairs are comfortable, the lobby area has great reading material and product displays and there's plenty of room for clients. Not to mention, I loved being greeted at the front asking if I wanted wine, coffee or tea. 

I also loved the people running the show! I had the pleasure of having the two Townsend brothers Jason and Robert coloring and cutting my hair. 

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Robert colored my hair and I really appreciated his questions and confirmation when honing in on the color I wanted. I ended up going with a color that brought out my natural blonde in the lowlights but also brighter tones all while avoiding the "ice queen" look as he put it. I enjoyed countless stories with Robert and loved hearing more about both Jason and his background in the business of hair. These guys have wonderful stories of travel and working your way to success! It is always a delight meeting other creatives that are successful at their craft.

After my coloring and treatment (which still has my hair feeling smooth!) I met with Jason to talk cut. He knew instantly what needed to be done to adjust my jagged layers and the way my hair was frizzing and growing out. Before I knew it my hair was colored, cut and blown out and styled to perfection. I so appreciated Jason and Robert taking into account my hair's natural state of being wavy, thinner and its natural hue. Instead of drastically changing my hair they embraced my hair to make it fuller, wavy and enhanced my natural color to the brighter blonde it is now. 

Photo supplied by Essensuals 

I love my look. I also loved that after my hair was styled Jason took me to the blank wall in the salon to take some photos to document their awesome work! Essensuals on Instagram (@essensualslondonseattle) showcases all of their work and the beauty of diverse hair. I am not only thrilled to have a new favorite salon in Seattle but to also have made friends with two awesome creatives in the area! 

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