S/S 2015 Fashion Lookbooks

As I am slowly but surely inching more of my spring wardrobe to the front of my closet, I have been gathering inspiration as to how to make the full transition into "spring wear." As I'm adjusting to saying "so long, for now" to my winter sweaters and boots, I'm trying to wrap my mind around the fact that summer is also not too far off.

Working in a creative environment as a Web Designer at Nordstrom, surrounded by fashion on a daily basis, I'm always looking for unique ways to portray the latest trends I am seeing and/or wearing in the form of design. As a result, I've discovered my new favorite pastime: lookbooks. Fashion lookbooks are the key to success when getting a grasp for what's on trend or stylin' each season and if you're a creative individual like me, you'll also be drawn the to the art direction and styling of how each designer or company lookbook is created. 

Lookbooks for spring/summer can be predictable: dresses, denim, sandals and swimsuits...obviously. But I have found the 2015 spring and summer lookbooks to be the most inspiring with the use of color, trend and minimalism (swoon). 

When searching for a lookbook of a company or designer I like I typically just do a broad Google search or visit the company website to see if one is featured. The lookbook will guide you through the various products on trend for the season and show (often drastic or overly styled ways) how you can rock the product yourself. It's a great source for inspiration and particularly for those in my line of work, it's a wonderful way to stay on trend, creative and develop more brand awareness. 

Here are just a few of my favorite Spring/Summer 2015 lookbook samples that made my designer and inner fashionista heart melt. Enjoy!



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