Ballard, here I come!

For those that have not gotten word of the exciting news...I'm moving into my brand new apartment located in Ballard next month! Yay! 

As a recently single gal taking on Seattle and her career by storm, I'm so excited to make the move to a new city with a clear mind and plenty of goals to pursue. 

I also get my own home, decorated and designed to my own liking. I've never had an entire place I could call my own and I think everyone at one point in their lives should experience the feeling of true independence that comes when living alone. With this excitement I anticipate I will (and should) experience the feeling of nervousness and stress when it comes to meeting new people, making new friends, going on dates, finding new shops, restaurants and grocery stores I like and just fitting into my new city and home, all while living alone. I don't have the cushion of a best friend or room mate living with me to use as the "going out" crutch so it motivates me to be that much more outgoing and ambitious to make the best of this opportunity. 

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind with furniture shopping, lots of Pinterest and online shopping, Goodwill runs and the dilemma of sorting through what I have outgrown. It's all part of the stress and fun of moving that I am embracing! 

* To those in the Greater Seattle area / Ballard, I am in need of recommendations when it comes to coffee shops, local hangouts, favorite restaurants and bars, farmer's markets, museums, galleries, shops that sell design/art prints/stationary, parks, places to paddle board/kayak and more! I am new to the area and I am ready to explore the "places to go" in my new city! I'm also on the hunt for a Seattle-based book club, recreational club or other fun activities that are a must in the area! What are your recommendations / suggestions!? Please comment below or email me at

* * I have also been reaching out primarily to Seattle-based creatives looking to do collaborations or be featured on my blog to be better connected with those in the area. If you are a Seattle-based photographer, blogger, artist, stylist or designer looking to collaborate, please comment below or email me at and let's strike up a convo! 


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