The Winter Turtleneck: Look Two

As I mentioned in my first look from my Winter Turtleneck series, the turtleneck was the item of clothing that intimidated me for years because I did not know the best ways to go about styling it. Now it has become my favorite winter staple to style, layer and wear! In my second look of my collaboration with KNDM Co., I am showcasing a casual day look, particularly suited to the rainy Seattle days we've been having lately. When it's muggy and rainy the last thing I want is a bunch of layers, so in this look I tried to keep things light, more on the casual side but still stylish.  

In this look I'm once again wearing my favorite white turtleneck from Nordstrom, a classic closet staple that goes with everything. For layering and well, a fashion statement, I'm wearing my favorite fall/winter military green vest from a Gig Harbor based boutique called Frankie. I love the detailing on this vest with the gold zippers and quilting. For pants, I stuck to my favorite Nordstrom leggings with leather down the sides; these leggings keep me both warm and looking stylish all while keeping the focus on the subtle details of my outfit.

Lastly, my favorite part of this rainy-inspired winter look is my Sam Edelman rain booties. These have become one of my favorite pairs of shoes because they are the ideal shoe for Seattle rainy days! I love that they are a short bootie style versus the tall knee-high rain boots everyone owns. They're also stylish and come in a variety of colors. I couldn't pass up the maroon/wine color because it adds a pop to any outfit all while being practical and comfortable throughout the season! 

The key to this entire outfit is showcasing the stylish details in an outfit for days that do not require a heavy winter coat or a bunch of layers but still have a "cold weather/winter vibe." 

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