The Winter Turtleneck: Final Look

My final look of my Winter Turtleneck series and collaboration with KNDM Co. is most definitely my favorite way to style a cozy turtleneck around the holidays. The key to dressing up for the holidays in the Pacific Northwest is to stay warm and cozy all while looking stylish for those Christmas pictures every family insists on taking in front of the tree. 

This outfit's primary focus is on mixing and matching winter neutrals and layers. Wearing my favorite ivory turtleneck from Nordstrom as a base layer, I decided to throw over my Forever 21 faux fur vest in beige/nude. Faux fur is a popular and must-have winter staple as it can be worn in several different ways, always adds a little pop to an outfit and keeps you warm (score!) I love the idea of a faux vest because you can simply layer it over a sweater, long sleeve shirt or turtleneck and it doesn't make you too overheated like a jacket or bulky faux scarf would. To accent the beige and keep my head warm, I have on what I like to call my Leith "Indiana Jones Floppy Hat" from Nordstrom. I am really into larger, floppy hats over the smaller fedora style at the moment; in fact I have several of these hats in different colors because they are so comfortable and go well with so many different outfits. Hats during the holidays have become quite the trend this year so trade in your winter beanie for a more stylish alternative: the floppy hat. I tend to prefer softer, lighter/neutral colors for the holidays because it stands out against darker shades of black and red that people gravitate toward because they are "holiday colors." 

Since the top portion of my outfit is so layer-heavy and plays up neutral color mixing, I decided to keep the bottom half simple. Nordstrom black leggings with leather detailing make for a great accent instead of just simple black leggings but also can be paired nicely with ankle boots or even knee-length or knee-high boots. I am sporting my go-to Target ankle boots because of how comfortable they are and they have a more polished style. For accessorizing aside from the floppy hat, I'm using my Target black crossbody bag with gold detailing on the front. You can't go wrong with a crossbody bag to carry along your favorite holiday makeup, wallet (for last minute Christmas shopping) and other must-haves.

Dressing up for the holidays does not necessarily mean you have to wear a dress or even a skirt for that matter. You can still look stylish and formal through the use of proper layering, accessorizing and tying in details. I like to call this comfy-chic.

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