Weekly Inspiration

I've been extremely inspired this week by a lot of my design-related findings so I thought I'd share some of this eye candy with you all. Enjoy!

*Click the bolded links to visit the website

City Guides - This city guide website was built/created by design agencies local to the area that aim to provide a list of places to check out, eat, drink, etc. within the city's individual neighborhoods. Some of the cities haven't launched yet but the ones that have are pretty spectacular. My list of places to explore in Seattle is already growing. 

Studio DIY Halloween ideas - Now that it's officially October I can officially share some of my favorite DIY Halloween costumes as featured on Studio DIY. Not only are these costume ideas extremely witty they are also inexpensive. And yes, I'm still a fan of Halloween costumes...

MapifulEasily create map posters of your favorite locations, hometown and memories. I love the look of the city maps especially areas that are extremely urban and gridded. I would love to create a set of these and hang them in thick black frames on my wall. 

Lastly, I'm sharing some of my favorite design-related Pinterest findings that are just too visually pleasing and inspiring not to share. 

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