Working full-time as a designer in Seattle has limited my "me time" to evenings as I commute or come home to relax before I fall asleep, however, during this alone time of mine I take the time to read. I always enjoyed reading books but it soon became more of a chore when I was in school reading books for classes or to study. I lost interest in losing myself in books and over time a layer of dust started to cover my bookcase. But now that I have hours a day to call my own as I commute home or reflect after a day of work, I often try to spend it getting lost in another world.

Now that I'm frequently reading, I'm burning through the books in my bookcase. And I thought it was finally the time for a blog post // list of my top 15 recommended books I've been reading over the course of the last six months to share and encourage you to add to your reading list! 

Also, I'm on the hunt for new books to read. I'm constantly checking out other blogs and bestseller lists for recommendations but am welcome to any others you can throw my way. If you have any favorite books or recommendations please leave a comment or send me an email at: 


The Vacationers // by Emma Straub


LA Candy, Sweet Little Lies, Sugar and Spice // by Lauren Conrad


Gone Girl // by  Gillian Flynn


Steve Jobs // by Walter Isaacson


#Girlboss // by Sophia Amoruso


The Shining Girls // by Lauren Beukes


Blogging for Creatives // Robin Houghton


Wanderlust // by Elisabeth Eaves


Something Borrowed // by Emily Giffin


Influence // by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen


Tory Burch In Color // by Tory Burch 


Places to go, People to see // Kate Spade 

Places to go, People to see // Kate Spade 


It // by Alexa Chung


Designers Don't Read // by Austin Howe


A novel of Zelda Fitzgerald // Therese Anne Fowler

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