Belle Epicurean

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In the mornings I usually do not the time to explore local breakfast haunts downtown Seattle before I work. However, one morning I found myself craving something sweet but wanted to resist my usual visit to Starbucks. I looked up pastry shops nearby and was pleased with the result of my search: a Parisian cafe that serves the works -- Belle Epicurean

Belle Epicurean has a variety of beverage choices, their speciality being those that come from the Espresso Bar. Their pastries are baked fresh every morning, ranging from croissants, to brioches, to other sweet treats. For those lacking a sweet tooth in the morning there are other options on the menu including egg breakfast sandwiches, breakfast tarts and quiches. They also have an afternoon menu for those wanting a baguette sandwich, soup or fresh salad. 

I treated myself to a Caffe Latte and a Pear Almond Brioche Bun -- rich in flavor with a sweet finish. I sat at one of the small cafe-styled tables inside and read a book as I enjoyed my breakfast and felt like I had been transported to another place. Truly a wonderful breakfast place that I would highly recommend.