5 Questions for 100 Designers


I recently stumbled across an interesting project by Russian designer, Vevgeny Yermakov. The concept titled, 5 Questions for 100 Designers is a series of interviews Vevgeny does with a variety of (mostly) graphic designers around the world, asking each person the same 5 questions and recording their response. Each person's personal design profile is also linked to visit, a cool addition to the interviews to learn more about each designer. The goal of Vevgeny's interviews is to provide readers, primarily young designers, with "as much useful information as possible." 

One of my favorite quotes from Vevgeny's interviews:

Find a routine and supplement your life with contrasts and challenges that apply directly and indirectly to your profession. Find experimentation in other outlets that let you experience the real-world and exercise your growth as a human being.
— Taylor Pemberton