Hello and welcome to the blog West Coast Aesthetic by Allison Wagner.

My blog aims to inspire and inform other creative individuals all while capturing my life as a young west coaster embracing the creativity, consumption and exploration I encounter in the Pacific Northwest, primarily in the Seattle, Washington area. 

As a graphic designer, I will share any visually appealing findings within the world of art and design as well as any of my personal projects. Whether it be up and coming designers, extraordinary local exhibits or any other inspirations that follow suit to my love and passion for design as a whole, this blog is my attempt to express what sparks my inner creative fire. 

I consider my aesthetic as "minimalist with a twist, a pop, a kick, a something else." In other words, I am constantly altering my personal fashion sense, musical taste, food cravings and travels based off of my current desires. My goal for this blog is to share my transitions in life as a young creative. This blog aims to embrace the aesthetic of "something else."