Burn Your Portfolio by Michael Janda

Riding the bus to/from work in downtown Seattle everyday can be a pain, but not when you have a great book to read! I have been trying to tackle my reading list on these bus rides and my latest read was not only jam packed full of witty advice but also very relevant to my life as a young graphic designer.

Burn Your Portfolio by Michael Janda aims to provide insight into the world of graphic design with a fresh perspective of what life lessons were not taught in design school but are extremely important and evident in the everyday life of an aspiring graphic designer or other creatives alike. 

Michael Janda owns a design firm and oversees creatives on a daily basis, but he did not just become successful overnight. His book touches upon the business side of design, real world design practices (dos/don'ts) and the necessities to be successful in a creative career. But with wit. Janda is willing to recognize his mistakes, praise his successes and share tricks of the trade for those aiming to find success early in their design career. 

I highly recommend this book to anyone fresh out of design school, those pursuing a career within the field or even experienced professionals. A definite must-read.