This last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Crow, a local restaurant in the heart of Lower Queen Anne with a menu that will make your tastebuds water and will have you counting down the days until your next visit! From the cocktails to the appetizers to the main entrees to the finale...dessert, everything is prepared to absolute perfection and menu items are all within a reasonable budget. The atmosphere is fantastic and ranges from those looking for a night out with their friends and family or an intimate dinner with a loved one. I cannot wait for my next visit! Here's a quick highlight of my night at Crow.

I started out by ordering a cocktail, I was craving something festive for the holidays. And so, I went with the Sharp Shooter: a mixture of Tito's Vodka, J Pear Liqueur, Fresh Lime, Reyes Ancho Liqueur and Cinnamon-Sugar Rim. It was a sour drink with a punch of cinnamon; a delight for the tastebuds! 

I was too impatient to take a picture once the meal itself came but I have to say...the slow braised lamb shank is to die for. Accompanied with a side of creamy polenta and gremolata, the meat was cooked to perfection and the flavors were pure bliss.

Sticking with a "festive" theme throughout, the finale (dessert) consisted of the Pumpkin butter empanadas, essentially, a croissant-inspired pastry filled with pumpkin butter served with a side of vanilla mascarpone and spiced persimmons. A wonderful way to end the meal and the evening.

I highly recommend the next time you are in Lower Queen Anne to check out this little restaurant. From the outside, it looks quaint, quirky and intriguing from the metal crow gate design all the way to the inside with the dimly lit chandelier atmosphere with a great menu and staff! A new personal favorite. 

Allison WagnerComment