Paper Delights Store Highlight

Recently I had the opportunity to visit the most adorable pop-up shop Paper Delights in downtown Seattle in Pacific Place. I hope to visit the main Seattle-based Paper Delights store soon.  

Paper Delights is a store that sells wedding and party invitations as well as an array of stationary, wrapping paper, art prints, office supplies and design pieces made from a variety of popular creatives within the field as well as local designers. 

Photo by: Paper Delights

Photo by: Paper Delights

Photo by: Paper Delights

I spent close to an hour grazing through the store, discovering new designers and finding pieces I have been swooning over online and have yet to see in person. I approached the store originally in search of a calendar for my desk at the office, so I couldn't help myself when I found the perfect calendar made by Rifle Paper Co. 

Photo by: Rifle Paper Co.

Although I remained responsible coming away with only one purchase, I made note of some of my other favorite findings that will most likely make an appearance on my Christmas list this year. I highly recommend checking out this adorable store. 

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